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Onychomycosis and Onycholysis, Why Natural Anti-fungal and antibacterial cures are best.

Onychomycosis and Onycholysis

Onychomycosis and Onycholysis! In the nail industry these are all to well known. Most of you would have experienced clients with at least one if not both of these. They are really unpleasant maladies and unfortunately ever increasing conditions. Onychomycosis and Onycholysis, What is the difference? Onychomycosis also called tinea unguium is a fungal infection […]

Nail Prep, whats in it, is it a waste of time?

Thymol Nail Prep step1

Nail Prep, whats in it. In this article we investigate if their is any true purpose to Nail Prep. We look at what goes into it and if all brands are the same. Nail Prep, whats in it? is it a waste of time? Recently one of our wholesale, area suppliers asked a very interesting […]