Bridal-Design Nail Art Course Kriel 26 & 27 August 2019

Bridal-Design Nail Art Course

Bridal-Design Nail Art Course. There will always be weddings, and certainly a bride who wants those beautiful and special nails done! Why not be the one who can say yes I can?

Bridal-Design Nail Art Course

Give every bride the nails she has been dreaming of for months, maybe years! This course covers a lot of the most gorgeous and stylish designs for every bride. From simplicity to extraordinary… Of course we all have those clients that simply love these beautiful designs even if they are not brides! Definitely worth investing in this course! Two days of intense training in bridal styles, swirls and twirls, sugaring, foil art, crystal artwork, lace and more.

What you will gain?

Bridal-Design Nail Art Course is bound to have something novel and wonderful to impress even your most demanding clients. You will allow yourself the opportunity to firstly increase revenue and most importantly rise above the average. Here is your chance to go from Nail Tech to Nail artist!

Why Choose a QD Course?

We offer expert, hands on training to small groups of students. A.Foxs’ QD Academy Instructors firstly are of the best in the industry. Secondly they are passionate and focused. Every Instructor has been handpicked by Alina herself because they are the best. Therefore this provides you the student with the best training there is. Your highly trained as well as talented instructor Lisa will be available to you even after training to give advice, support and even secrets to help you excel in your career.

Requirements for this
Bridal-Design Nail Art Course

  • A desire to learn new skills
  • A notebook as well as pen
  • Phone charger
  • All other materials however are provided by the school for the course period only.
    Certificate will certainly be issued on the completion of this course.

Bridal-Design Nail Course Details

cost: R2,200.00
date: Kriel 26 & 27 August 2019
time: 9AM – 5PM
Contact: Lisa 072 118 6728

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