3D-Gel Nail Art Course Johannesburg 29 & 30 July 2019

3D-Gel Nail Art Course

3D-Gel Nail Art Course. We present you with a course that any master needs, especially those who do not like to work with acrylic products or at home where monomer cannot be used.

AlinaFox 3D-Gel Nail Art Course

This class is for nail technicians wanting to learn how to advance their skills using the latest 3D gel product. This is very popular technique in Europe and all our existing and new clients are thrilled when this course is repeated. This course is also ideal for pregnant clients and women since 3D Gel does not cause any side effects being free of fumes and unpleasant odours. It is also surprisingly easy to work with once you have been taught the correct method.

Why Choose a QD Course?

We offer expert, hands on training to small groups of students. A.Foxs’ QD Academy Instructors firstly are of the best in the industry. Secondly they are passionate and focused. Every Instructor has been handpicked by Alina herself because they are the best. Therefore this provides you the student with the best training there is. Your highly trained as well as talented instructor Alina will be available to you even after training to give advice, support and even secrets to help you excel in your career.

Requirements for this 3D-Gel Nail Art Course

  • A desire to learn new skills
  • A notebook as well as pen
  • Phone charger
  • All other materials however are provided by the school for the course period only.
    Certificate will certainly be issued on the completion of this course.

3D-Gel Nail Art Course Details

3D Gel Art Course
cost: R2,800.00
date: Johannesburg 22 & 23 July 2019
time: 9AM – 4PM
Contact: Alina 060 604 0300
Venue: QD HQ 21 11th Avenue, Highlands North, Johannesburg Kit included: Set of stones, 3D tools and tips for work.

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