Gelina Colour Club Information

Gelina Colour Club

Gelina Colour Club

Gelina colour club
Gelina Gel Polish # 130. Over 200 Colours and growing.

Gelina Colour club exciting news! QD are proud to announce our new members only colour club. Join now to get, not only the best quality at the best price but also the safest product around.

Gelina Colour Club Details

Joining the Gelina Club is easy and will entitle you to up to 30% discounts, not only when we have a sale but always! QD will offer permanent discounts to members as well as other exciting and fun benefits to all members. These include discounts for top and base coats, prep, primer and other Gelina products. It will also give members the chance to help us choose colours to add to our line up. Members whose colours are chosen will receive their chosen colour absolutely free and will have the colour named after them!

How to Join

  1. Choose 6 colours of Gel Polish, FOR THE DURATION OF THE NOVEMBER 2020 PROMOTION YOU NEED TAKE ONLY 3 COLOURS at discounts of 15% to 30% less on our retail list price (depending on the type of polish).
  2. Email the club. or drop us a WhatsaApp 0n 076 376 5945. Let us know you would like to join. Please inform us of your full name, address including postal code, email, cel phone number and Facebook details.
  3. Let us also know your selection of 6 just 3 colours of Gelina Gel Polish you wish to buy.
  4. We will then send an invoice as well as banking details to you for the colours of your choice. Once you pay we will the send your colours.! We will also invite you to the clubs facebook page.
  5. You will thereafter be able to always get your favourite Gelina Gel Polish system at between 15 – 30% off always just by logging in to our website. Should you order by WhatsApp the discount will still apply. If you visit our shop, again the discount is yours as a member of the club.

How To Login To QD Webshop

If you are an existing user we will change your status to “gelina colour club member” and you will simply login as always, the only difference being that you will notice Gelina products at much lower prices exclusively for you!

Should you be new then all you need do is sign up on our website at choose a name and password and that’s it. Once done let us know by whatsapp 076 376 5945 and we will update your membership to Gelina Colour Club status, thereafter you will enjoy all the specials available as a member. You may also order by whatsapp or visit our shop and still receive the discounts as a member.

Join Now and Enjoy all the Colour and Fun

We plan to have loads of fun and introduce many new colours and other items. Be part of this by joining up now.

Rules Terms and Conditions Of The Club

The club will continue into the future and may only be terminated by QD at their sole discretion.

QD may it its own discretion cancel any membership due to abuse or any nefarious use.

A member may only order 1 of each item on special. For example 1 #001, 1 #002, 1 #003 etc, Gelina polish and one step 1 prep etc. Members may order as many different items as they wish limited to a single one of each item. This is to prevent abuse by unscrupulous people, as well as buying of products for friends who are not members. Should members have a valid reason for more than 1 of any individual item a request may be made to QD.

members will be sent a link on WhatsApp to join the Clubs facebook group. No adverts or mention of other brands is allowed on this group. The group is to discuss and assist with Gelina products only. New colour suggestions should be made on this forum.

email the club or contact us on WhatsApp 0763765945

Join us on Facebook here>>

2 thoughts on “Gelina Colour Club Information

  1. Wilma van den Heever says:

    Good Afternoon,

    Trust you are well!

    Would you please be so kind to send a full catalog of all the products you are selling with their prices?
    Thank you

    Kind Regards
    Wilma van den Heever

    • Gary Davidovitz says:

      Hi Wilma. Thank you for reaching out to us. Please do email sales on and they will send. We have a pricelist available. However we always suggest rather browsing the website. There you can find all our products with prices and pics as well as some info. Hope that helps

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