Reusable Nail Files Why They Make The Most Sense

Reusable Files Peel 'n Stick

Reusable Nail Files Let’s start at the beginning.

Steel plate reusable file
Stainless Steel Base

What Exactly Are Reusable Nail Files?

These consist of a stainless steel base and pads made of Japanese red zebra. There are different grits and each paper is easily stuck to the base and once used removed and thrown away.

replacements pack 20 #180
#180 Fine Grit Replacement Pad

For those who wonder what is a grit, let us briefly explain. Grit refers to the actual sanding surface. So you will here this term for any sanding product. For example drill burrs are always made with different grits.

Why Use This type Of File?

There are various reasons to switch to this type of file. The stainless steel itself is flexible yet far stronger than usual file material. The papers themselves are excellent quality and work very well indeed.

Most importantly the papers may be changed for each client. Furthermore as the base is stainless steel it is easily sterilised. All this ensures hygienic, clean and sanitary service for your clients.

Isn’t a Reusable Nail File Expensive

A quick word on the classic files. The greatest issue with those is that good quality costs a lot, +/- R30 or even more! For that reason far to often techs will attempt to sanitise and reuse the same file for many services. We will discuss this practice in the next paragraph.

However using the reusable files will save you. This is how. The actual base is approximately the price of a disposable file (R35). The difference is that it should last a seriously long time. The actual sanding papers are R9.75 each.

Thus if each client gets one paper it will cost you R9.75 as opposed to R30 for a regular file. You will have a new and hygienic surface for each client! So the answer is quality and safety does cost money but this system allows a much lower cost to quality ratio.

How Hygienic Are They?

To illustrate how hygienic they are let us first discuss the actual process of filing. The file basically scrapes and polishes your work. All the while collecting fragments of nail, gel, acrylic etc and also skin. That is unavoidable.

Once the client leaves it is common practice to give the file a spay of sanitiser or nail wipe. Hmmm what does that help? You may kill some of the germs but unless the file was actually submerged in steriliser, that spritz of whatever you have lying around does not do much.

Worse still, that nail and product as well as skin stays in the grit. The next client then has the pleasure of getting this same file used on them. We all know filing is often not so gentle so imagine what everyone gets on them.

Disgusted? We all should be its just Yuk!!! Imagine your doctor or dentist reusing stuff on you, we would not accept that. Read this article if you are interested to find out how dangerous and potentially lethal fungi are>>

Simple answer the reusable ones are completely hygienic.

What About The Client?

Well the clients to often don’t think much about it. They have most likely been to other techs in the past and the practice of using one file over and over is so common.

But what if you take a brand new sanding paper every time and apply this to your sterilised base in front of the client? They are certain to be super impressed and furthermore will never again accept a dirty old file because now they will always think about it.

You kind of doing another thing to retain and satisfy your client.

The Obvious Choice

It can easily be seen from the above that clean and hygienic files are a must. Most particularly in a world where new microbes are being found almost daily.

You have two choices either buy classic nail files and dispose after use or use these reusable types. Those really are the only choices. If you interested see here>> for our range of reusable nail files.

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