Your Centurion supplier – Ru-Ann Venter.

Your Centurion supplier – Ru-Ann Venter.

Please contact her on 0728257500 or [email protected]

She is located at F&S House. 122 Willem Botha Street, Wierdapark.

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Ru-Ann began her career in 2010. She was still in school. With a passion for nail art and a need to create new styles. Her passion for nails started at the young age of 13, where she played around with all sorts of nail art, from glitters to sticking newspapers on nails, to building in acrylic and mixing colours to see what would happen. Her passion just grew stronger with the years and the more she played around, the more she wanted to be in the nail industry. This is where Ru-Ann’s Creations salon and shop stemmed from. Ru-Ann started feeling the need for something new and different that would meet client’s demands. As luck would have it QD nails were looking for suppliers which made her very excited. She now has two QD retail stores and is an area supplier for both Kempton Park and Centurion.


Ru-Ann is a salon and shop owner, eyelash educator as well as an educator in nails. She has been the owner of her own salon since 2011 after she matriculated. Ru-Ann takes care of her client’s needs in nail care and eyelashes. She helps them look after their beauty needs and desires. Ru-ann has been an educator since 2012 helping students understand nail technology, eyelashes, and the mixing of nail art colours (which is her speciality).

Ru-Ann says “ the most important qualities for one to excel in the nail industry is to have good  time management, love working with people, must be creative and an out of the box thinker, following international trends in colours and embellishments and applying them to the fashion in South Africa. One must have the ability to share the knowledge they has gained in a developing industry, in a cohesive and professional manner within our rainbow nation”. She also says “you need to lead from the front”.

Ru-Ann’s Creations is all about creativity. I her where she believes her company is headed in the next 5 years? Her answer was:” in the next 5 years Ru-Ann’s Creations will be a place where new and old can come and feel free to express themselves in their own unique way, with their love for nail technology and to make their fantasies a reality. It will be a place where they can learn and grow into their full potential. It will be a safe haven for clients who require high quality service and fellow technicians to purchase quality, reliable and reasonably priced goods”.

Lastly Ru-Anns biggest motivation is the creativity and the exciting people she gets to work with as well as the endless possibilities.

Ru-Ann has a bright future and we wish her all the best for the future.