Noleen de Clercq is your Pretoria supplier.

Please contact her on 0767246283

She is located at 240 Brac Avenue, Sinoville, Pretoria.

Noleens brief history

Noleen de Clercq says “I always had a love of nails but was unable to go into my passion full time”. Noleen worked as a bookkeeper however she had a passion for nails since she was a young girl. “The first time I held an acrylic brush in my hand, I knew this is what I want to do”. She did her first course 16 years ago, she began doing nails part time. Says Noleen “a year ago I did a lot of courses and I have grown so much in that time”. She now has her own salon Eyecandy Beauty Salon. Recently Noleen was appointed area supplier for Pretoria and is enjoying great success with the brand.

Eyecandys’ history

Eyecandy actually started 10 years ago. It began in a room in her house. The idea for Eyecandy…. “back in the days when a man saw a beautiful lady, he would say “she is eyecandy”, that is where Eyecandy began. I relocated to Pretoria and thanks to my husband most importantly who made it all possible for me to make nails my full time occupation.” She started very small but Eyecandy is growing daily. In a year or to she hopes to already have more branches.

Where is she headed?

“At the rate it is going at the moment, I would like to open a further 3 salons in Pretoria within the next 5 years”.

What does she believe are important qualities to succeed in her role?

“Firstly you must know your product, you need to be specialized in what you do. You should be professional and must be able to work with people. It should be a passion, do everything with all your heart and soul” She believes this work cannot be simply a hobby or something one does for extra money. “Customer service is a must” says Noleen.

The best part of the industry

She loves working with people as well as the daily challenges and of course the product I use – QD. Speaking of QD Noleen says “ The support from QD is astonishing” Noleen is well supported by her husband, “my husband motivates me to do better with every client who walks in through my doors”

Noleens motivation

Just trying to do her best motivates Noleen.

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