Brushes and pens by QD are all made to exacting standards. They are all designed with specific purposes in mind. Some natural hair some nylon. The material is exactly what you need be it natural or synthetic.

Gel Nail Art Brushes

Gel nail art brushes, Qd stocks a variety of these. The right tool is most certainly vital. Great design begins with equally amazing tools. Every adventure starts with the correct equipment. QD brushes and pens are just that.

Without doubt some of the most important and vital tools in your equipment collection. Knowing which is the right one for the task is important.

Acrylic Brushes

Our range consists of Overlay brushes #9, #12 and #14. They are all created with 100% pure Kolinsky hair. We use male Kolinsky only for these brushes as this is the perfect medium for overlay. Our brushes will work with all good quality acrylic  but we highly recommend that you use them with our highly professional American and Dutch Acrylic systems.

Replacing Brushes.

The life span of a brush depends on two things, the number of services you carry out and how aggressively you handle the brush. “There is no definite lifetime for brushes,” says Alina. “You need to replace the brush whenever the bristles start to fray.” If you’re finding it difficult to work with product or notice that your fine lines are smudging, that is the time for a new brush.

Some good news is that you won’t need a lot of brushes cluttering up your station or storage bins. In fact, one brush should be plenty to complete a full acrylic or gel service. That is one brush per enhancement system.

We have so many to choose from!