Acrylic brushes are used for overlay as well as 3D art. We have a full range of acrylic brushes, wooden and rhinestone handle types.

Acrylic Brushes

Our range consists of Overlay brushes #9, #12 and #14. They are all created with 100% pure Kolinsky hair. We use male Kolinsky only for these brushes as this is the perfect medium for overlay. Our brushes will work with all good quality acrylic  but we highly recommend that you use them with our high professional American and Dutch Acrylic systems. See our Acrylics here>>

3D brushes are of the very finest construction. We strongly believe that Overlay and 3D brushes are not meant to be the same. A 3D brush is therefore not a smaller overlay brush. We use a different part of the Kolinsky fur. That selection of Kolinsky ensures that your 3D art is easily carried out as well as perfectly executed. For the absolute best results try our specially made for QD Art Monomer take a look at it here>>. 

QD selects only the best Kolinsky for all our brushes. We also have factories across the globe making these exclusive brushes. We are therefore able to keep quality high whilst maintaining very fair prices for this most prized form of brush.