Gel nail art brushes, Qd stocks a variety of these. The right tool is most certainly vital. Great design begins with equally amazing tools. Every adventure starts with the correct equipment. QD gel brushes are just that.

Gel Nail Art Brushes

Without doubt some of the most important and vital tools in your equipment collection. Knowing which is the right one for the task is important.

When carrying out nail art, there’s a one common factor; brushes. The choice of gel nail brush can make or break your finished product!

QD Gel Nail Art Brushes

Nail art brushes comes in very many different interesting pieces. You can buy these brushes individually from QD. We stock oval, square, angled, liners, detailers and so much more.

Oval Brushes

It is the most multi use and common nail art brush. These are used for making intricate designs. It also helps in creating different strokes patterns.

Stripers and Liners

These help in painting stripes and lines therefore you can create straight lines using these brushes, with no problem.

Flat Brushes

Flat  brushes are used to paint long fluid strokes on the nails. This makes them great for 1 stroke too. Flat brushes are also useful when doing gel nails.

Angled Brushes

The ideal tool for 1 stroke nail art designs.They assist in making your 1 stroke easier.

Detail Brushes

These brushes are used for adding details to your nail design as they are extremely precise. Detailers allow you to create your ultimate master work. Vital in any nail brush collection.

Now all that remains is for you to choose your favourite and get nailing!

Please see an article on caring for brushes here>>

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