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Tiger Eye Magic Gel Polish by QD adds magical shade shifting shimmers that will amaze and satisfy even the most difficult client.

Tiger Eye Magic Gel Polish

We all know and love magnetic gel polish however what makes this product so special, is that it combines cat eye and chameleon as well as holographic effects. This means that you will see a variety of colours in different types of light and from different angles. For the best effect apply your Magic Tiger Eye colour over a black gel polish.

QD Tiger Eye Magic Gel Polish How to Use

Create multi-dimensional colour-shifting effects with this Tiger Eye Polish. Not only is it quick and easy to apply but also it’s creative abalities are endless.

  1. Prepare nail as usual with a black gel polish
  2. Apply 1 layer of Tiger Eye over the cured black polish
  3. Use a magnet to create an effect or simply leave as is for full nail coverage.
  4. Cure and apply top coat as normal

Why is QD Gelina Gel Polish Best?

Gelina Gel Polish contain stabilisers that assist in keeping its luster longer. The inhibitors added into its formula prevent the gel from prematurely hardening while it is still in its original black UV resistant bottle. If done correctly you can have all your clients nails professional looking in no time furthermore they can be worn for weeks without peeling, breaking, or chipping. The pigments also remain glossy even after weeks of having them on the nails.

Is Gelina UV/LED Gel Polish Safe?

Gelina is 10 free this means that no harmful chemicals are contained. If cured properly you should have no allergy problems at all. It’s also not tested on animals and bureau veritas certified.

In Conclusion

Gelina Tiger Eye is the easiest choice you will make, beauty and science combine to give you perfection. All that remains is to choose your favourite colours!

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