UV LED Metallic Lustre Gel

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UV LED Metallic Lustre Gel

UV LED Metallic Lustre Gel

The latest line of color gels from QD has all the qualities of the ideal glitter gel.

– ideal coverage and right density

– easy to use for art design or full coverage due to its perfect composition.

– brilliance and shine

– color stability over time

– 3 full and full-bodied colors

– acid-free

– no sticky adhesion layer

The brand new collection of 3 coloured gels with intense, full and full-bodied colors.

Nail gel for professional use that guarantee an ideal coverage even with a thin layer thanks to their high pigmentation.

Their formulation allows to the creation of a volumed glossy effect texture without creating thickness.

The colour lasts and lasts.

The specific density of the product makes its volume unalterable, avoiding unpleasant oozing of the colored gel.

Recommended curing times for full coverage:

– UV: 120 seconds

– Led: 60 seconds