Uv LED Zhostovo One Stroke Paint

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Uv LED Zhostovo One Stroke Paint

Zhostovo paint. This brand new product has been specifically formulated to QD’s unique requirements.

Uv LED Zhostovo One Stroke Paint Description

It is fuller of pigment than anything that has come before. This allows perfect control for one stroke technique. One layer is enough and there is no need to go back and re-apply on the same piece over and over again.

What is Zhostovo?

This technique predates modern one stroke but is in fact the original technique developed in Russia. If you would like to read more please have a look at the Wikipedia page for Zhostovo painting here>>

The new Zhostovo gel paints are in convenient 3ml jars, this allows them to last longer and minimizes waste. The 22 beautiful colours are all very highly pigmented, so will go a long way! Zhostovo gel paints are thicker and do not leave a dispersion layer. They are great for all types of nail art even full coverage, of course if you do use for full coverage curing time will increase.

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To create Nail Art with color gels Zhostovo will be easier, faster and more practical due to its’:
– higher pigmentation
– the colors are ready to be used (no need to add water)
– colors are more resistant and brighter than acrylyc colors
– gels will no in the air and you have more time for design correction.

Simply apply your one stroke or any art designs you desire. Cure in a UV or LED lamp for 30 seconds to a minute, depending on which type of art you are doing. Curing time may vary also based on your lamp, we advise that you experiment and find your own perfect curing time. You must finish with a top coat. We recommend Carbyne armourtop coat or for matte effect Cashmere rubber top coat,