Nail Art Bling

Nail art bling. All kinds of art and materials for nails.

What we supply

We supply high quality rhinestones in many colours and sizes including our new mixed pack, k9 crystals, zircon charm decorations, sliders foils, candy colour confetti, metallic colour confetti, micro beads which are really tiny caviar beads known in Russia as bulonki, regular caviar beads.

And more…

Qd has ranges of foils and slider as well as our signature mixed pack of dried flower. We also have holographic decor and much much more!

QD art bling

We at QD are always looking for new and exciting art ideas for nails. Please feel free to enquire at should you have any requirements that we do not yet stock. We will definitely look into importing them for you and all our valued clients. We are always here to listen to you.

Most importantly have fun looking through our items.