Nail Art Mix by Alina_Fox contains an assortment of rhinestones and crystals in one convenient container. The ultimate one stop mix for nail artists!

Nail Art Mix by Alina_Fox

This mix has been specially selected by Alina, she has over the years discovered the most beautiful and popular stones and crystals. It come in a convenient container, wide yet not to deep. The mix lets you express yourself with bling, no more searching for each individual stone. There are some crystals inside that are not stocked in any other form by QD.

So many shapes and sizes, both flatback and pointback as well as foiled stones are contained. Shiny, gorgeous and loads of fun. Go crazy and glitz your clients nails they will adore it!

QD proudly introduces this any time any kind art mix. Ideal for all nail artists.

We recommend using Our thick base to adhere stones. It just works best!