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Stamping Equipment, QD has many plates and silicon stampers for all your stamping requirements.
Stamping Equipment
QD nail stamping equipment turn anyone into a master artist. You can add a bit or a load of art to your clients manicure! Small and compact as well as easy to use (once you get the knack), QD stamping requisites  are perfect for every shape and size of nail furthermore we are pleased to offer the most intricate and unusual nail art designs you can find.
Stamping Plate Information

Stamping plates are certainly one of the fastest and most convenient ways to create professional Nail Designs. Clients are demanding more and better nail art thus these plates are becoming more and more popular. Stamping plates offer the ability to perform perfect and intricate nail art however the application is quick and easy.

QD’s Stampers and Scrapers.
Our stampers and scrapers come in different types to suit your needs. They are all high quality silicone and work perfectly with our plates.
How to use Nail Art Stamps & Nail Art Plates
Firstly, remove the clear protective plastic from the Nail Plate.
Apply the desired polish to the selected design.
Using the scraper remove any excess polish from the Nail Art Plate and whilst the polish is still wet, use the Silicone Stamper to pick up the design from the plate and then press onto  the nail.
Finish off with Carbyne Armour Top coat to protect your Nail Art Design.

Stamper and plates are sold separately.
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