QD Anti Fungal Anti Bacterial Products. Fungal and bacterial infection has become a far to common complaint. We are proud for that reason to introduce three products to fight infections in different applications.

QD Anti Fungal Anti Bacterial Products

The first of these is Thymol solution. This is a dehydrator and because it has a high percentage of Thymol. TNT is thus really effective Read more about QD Thymol solution 

QD Thymol Nail prep. Thymol nail prep is a revolutionary new product. It is not simply alcohol and Thymol as most Thymol is. It has exactly the same ingredients as our regular nail prep. Read more about QD Thymol Nail Prep here>>

Last but not least is QD TNT+. This is an oil based product for those who already display signs of infections. It is a blend of powerful natural ingredients. To see more take a look here>>

Why choose QD Anti Fungal Anti Bacterial Products?

Our products are laboratory formulated and above all contain only the finest ingredients. They are non harmful and made for professional use.  We test them further on arrival in South Africa, so you can be sure that they are the best products always! We continuously strive to further improve and keep up to date with the latest technology.