Sterilisers, Top, Base, Preps, Lotions, Peels and much more.

A full range of our much loved nail prep, step1, nail primer (acid free), step 2, cuticle remover, hand sanitiser, nail cleanser. We also stock different types of base coat rubber, flamingo rubber, thick base, vitamin base. Our carbyne top coat is here too. Non sticky no wipe, we have a sticky wipe top (tacky) as well we also have traditional non wipe top coat (tackless).

Our pedi heel product comes with a free protective jelly and is well loved and has proved itself many time. You can also find wooden and metal spatulas for removal of skin in this category.

Take a look at our natural cuticle oils with real perfume oil for a wondeful fragrance. No bubble gum or tutti fruity here! :))

Our range of creams and soak is completely natural and contains essential oils. They not only smell great but are non harmful too.