Press On Tips perfect for your clients when they simply cannot come into the salon.


Press On Tips

What to do when your client simply cannot visit? Due to illness, lockdown or they simply do not have time? Well how about making your own and sending to the client?

With these tips you can do that.

Why These Tips?

Ask a client what they looking for:

  1. Lasts long
  2. Does not chip or lift
  3. Easy and not uncomfortable
  4. Short application time

Ask most techs and they will say:

  1. Easy to apply
  2. Cost effective
  3. Perfect results
  4. Satisfied client
  5. Makes their life simpler

QD now introduce you to  tips, simply paint or add stickers or anything else you want, your client just needs to press it on and they done.

Cost per set? – Less than hours in the salon

Time to apply? – 45 minutes

Long lasting? – Lasts long

Client feedback? – “where have these been all of my life!?”