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Pedicure Sanding Disc System, a QD exclusive. These have been designed and created to QD spec. They are ideal for pedicure and removal of dead and rough skin.

Pedicure Sanding Disc System

These consist of a stainless steel disc base as well as White Zebra Sanding Discs. Discs are made using only the best quality Japanese paper. The system utilises a stick on peel off style. This means that you only need replace the disc and not the entire steel plate. Thus a santised and always good abrasive surface is always possible. Your clients will love the fact that they get a brand new paper each and every time they visit.

Sanding Disc System Details

A first for QD in South Africa. Each set comes with 3 discs, 1 #60, 1 #150 and 1 #240 as well as the stainless steel shaft. Therefore you can get started immediately and purchase new discs as required. The replacement discs are sold separately in packs of 20.