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UV LED Metallic Gel Paste.

UV LED Metallic Gel Paste.

QD Metallic gel paste is an all new gel collection specially formulated for QD clients to enjoy.

This highly anticipated new product is all the best of traditional emboss gel mixed with the finest points of metallic gels. It has a relief effect and looks amazing.

It is new line of non sticky gel paints it is all the rage in Europe and Russia but we are able to stock at at a far lower price and a much better quality too! Based on combining a contrast of matte and gloss. All in one-colour. .
Packaged in a black jar for ease of use and lower wastage.
The most gorgeous colours!

Paint your favourite designs and cure. prepare to amaze your clients, friends and fellow nail techs!

This amazing gel is textured similar to emboss gel. It will stand in relief in a 2d/3d effect, The colours are amazing, they have so many tones in each colour. While they are magnetic colours they have both a matte and glossy look all in one!

  • HEALTHY, QUALITY INGREDIENTS: UV LED Metallic gel Paste is a 100% non-toxic and it ensures weeks of flawless wear.
  • EXCELLENT FINISH : High quality, gorgeous finish it requires no top coat over and is non sticky so needs no wipe either!
  • EASY TO USE: UV LED Metallic Gel Paste is designed for easy applications without messy spreading.


Adheres perfectly whilst being Chip Resistant and Longer lasting. Volume: 5m jar. (LED lamp or UV lamp Required for 1 to 1.5 minutes LED and 2 to 2.5 minutes UV)