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Nail art crystal K9, Take any manicure to the next level with these QD crystals. These gorgeous jewels will  provide a unique look to any nail art, as well as give your client’s manicure that luxurious look for a special occasion or event. QD’s strass are easy to apply with our wax lifter (see here>>) and have a smooth base to ensure they can be easily placed onto nails, using Rhinestone crystal adhesion gel UV LED (check it out here>>) or our thick base (take a peek here>>).

QD Nail art crystal K9

Be it a clients wedding day or a glitzy, glam event whatever the occasion and however your clients mood may wonder, QD’s crystal will take them and your art to a higher level. Your creative juices will flow and the healing power of crystal along with its stunning beauty will captivate yours and your clients, hearts. Your imagination will soar to new heights using our flat back crystals. Available in a multitude of shapes and colours.
Why your clients will love QD Nail art crystal K9

Diamonds may well be a girl’s best friend but nobody is going to put diamonds into a nail art design. For this QD has crystal! Just as stunningly gorgeous in more shapes, colours and sizes than diamonds at a fraction of the cost, you will certainly find everything here to get your clients’ nails into a different dimension. Zhoozh  up lifeless manicures with these wonderful stones! Furthermore you can mix and match to any nail art design! Set the trend don’t follow with these sparklers.

the QD Nails range has everything you need to make regular nails into a real work of art. Design your own original, bespoke designs with our strass gems.
Details and Features of QD K9 Crystal

10pcs K9 Highest Quality Nail Rhinestones
Colour: Various
Size: Various
Lovely jewellery for nails design
Special occasion decorations nails
Crystal nail art Strass Gems
Nail art crystal
Add a unique finish to any manicure
Great for any occasion
Easy to apply with the use of wax lifting tool
Flatback base for easy application


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