#001 Gelina UV/LED Gel Polish 15ml


Gelina Nail Gel/Polish #001. Gorgeous and highly pigmented formula generally requiring only a single coat. Totally self levelling with low odour. Just amazing!

History of Gel Polish

In the past we had nail polish, this dried in the air but it only lasted a few days. After that one needed to redo them. This was wasteful not only of money but time too. Worse though was how unhealthy this constant soaking and replying is for you. Certainly it was fun to have different colours on your nails often but you got to enjoy them for just a couple of days. What remained after just a few days was an ugly, chipped, faded mess. As we all know it was not nice to look at but clients of course could not simply pop into the salon every few days. They You couldn’t do it themselves nearly as well a professional would. It was not a perfect situation. Fortunately science came to the rescue and uv curable gel polish was invented.

The birth of Gelina UV/LED Gel Polish

Thanks to the innovative formula of Gelina uv/led gel polish, you can provide your clients glossy nails lasting 4 weeks and even longer. The formulation resists breaking, chipping, or peeling off nails. Clients can be quite certain of stronger and healthier nails with the best uv/led gel polish that you can find for their nails.

Why is QD Gelina Nail Gel/Polish #001 Best

Gelina Gel Polish contain stabilisers that assist in keeping its luster longer. The inhibitors added into its formula prevent the gel from prematurely hardening while it is still in its original black UV resistant bottle. If done correctly you can have all your clients nails professional looking in no time furthermore they can be worn for weeks without peeling, breaking, or chipping. The pigments also remain glossy even after weeks of having them on the nails.

Is Gelina Nail Gel/Polish #122 Safe?

Gelina is 10 free this means that no harmful chemicals are contained. If cured properly you should have no allergy problems at all. It’s also not tested on animals and bureau veritas certified.

In Conclusion

Gelina is the easiest choice you will make, beauty and science combine to give you perfection. All that remains is to choose your favourite colours!

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